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.yoga is a new Top Level Domain dedicated to the yoga community. From yoga instructors and studios to the everyday yoga participant, .yoga offers the community an alternative to the currently overpopulated .com domain whilst bringing together the worldwide yoga community.

Web names that end in .yoga mean studios, instructors, and fitness enthusiasts don’t have to use the word “yoga” in their domain name, it already acts as a descriptor. This results in shorter, more memorable domain names, allowing your audience to immediately identify you within the realm of the yoga theme, giving you a new, authentic Internet platform to reach your target audiences as well as new International fans/clients.

Our Pioneers

Pioneers are elite figures from the yoga community, who adopt a .yoga domain for their yoga-centric website. If you would like to learn more about our Pioneer Program and are interested in becoming one, please contact

LA Yoga connects community, offers meaningful inspiration, and educates readers on real-world sustainable solutions. This website and magazine showcases people finding balance in their lives and pursuing dreams, as well as provides suggestions for practice. As a .yoga pioneer, LA YOGA will be launching their brand new site,, featuring some of the greatest festivals and retreats to date.

Suzanne Bryant is a wellness expert that has a passion to help people connect to their highest potential and find true happiness. With her passion and knowledge of yoga, Suzanne also teaches yoga privately and to groups and is excited to launch yoga and wellness retreats worldwide. The woman behind the film series, YOGA IS, which follows her as she meets with the most prominent Yoga Gurus and teachers in the west and travels to India to explore the power of this ancient practice ( ), and soon to be the first to have an online yoga conference, Suzanne is proud to call .yoga her new online home.

Elena Brower is a renowned teacher, author, speaker, and mother who has embraced the practices of yoga and its benefits. Elena has created a new vision for the online space with, as a way to give back to the global teaching community that has supported her previous offerings, such as the crowd-funded first edition of her book, Art of Attention. will be an expansive, evolving virtual home for teachers worldwide, providing illuminating context and content for their learning and life. This will be a new place for yoga teachers to gather and connect online to share, learn, listen, and grow as a collective.

An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience. With thousands of licensed practitioners around the world, Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. In celebration of her 40 years of dedication to the yoga community, Ana Forrest is launching a new website demonstrating the evolution of Ana Forrest and Forrest Yoga.

With over 58,000 members worldwide, Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. The Yoga Alliance mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga through a number of practices. Minds + Machines offers discounts on registration for .yoga domains to Yoga Alliance members and will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Yoga Alliance Foundation. Yoga Alliance Foundation supports and promotes education and research by securing grants and donations.

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For the first time, the yoga community will have its own dedicated space on the Internet, offering thousands of new and exciting naming choices.


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